Hugh & Abbie Hanchey – Owner & Managing Partner

Events and Marketing Director & Managing Partner

Hugh & Abbie Hanchey

Family ties and a true love for the community have kept Abbie & Hugh involved with Leatherwood for many years. This husband and wife team have built their lives around the resort. Their love of horses has fueled the passion that they both have for this amazing place. Hugh has been operating the equine facility for several years now while Abbie has headed up the Marketing & Event Planning for Leatherwood. Early Spring 2017, Hugh was offered a position with the Northwest YMCA as the facilities director.  Hugh remains active as a consultant &  silent partner with Abbie & Trevor and you will still see his smiling face around Leatherwood.  Abbie took over as Managing Partner and Owner in the business with longtime friend Trevor Whitson in July of 2017. The Hanchey’s both feel blessed to live, work and be raising their sons, Holt and Smith in such a beautiful environment.

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