Phil Rash

Phil discovered Leatherwood in 1992 through his love of horses. On many Fridays, he would drive 8 hours from his home in Ohio to spend a weekend at Leatherwood and be back at his business on Monday morning. After selling his business in 1997, Phil returned to his home state of North Carolina to Leatherwood Mountains and helped establish Leatherwood’s successful Resort business. Because of his love of Leatherwood and the many friends he has made here, he decided to form a partnership and purchase the resort in 2004. He and his wife Susan spend their time between  Leatherwood and their Virginia residence on the New River.  In the summer of 2017 Phil sold his portion of the business to his protege, Abbie Hanchey.  He remains active in the business as a consultant and mentor to Abbie & Trevor.

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