Service Animals at Leatherwood

Leatherwood Mountains Resort is a business built on trust, safety, and respect. In keeping with our dedication, we vow to demonstrate respect and tolerance in all traveler interactions. This includes travelers dependent upon service animals in their daily lives.

A service animal assists with, but is not limited to:

  • Navigation of individuals who are blind or have poor vision.
  • Alerting deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals to the presence of people or sounds.
  • Retrieving vital items such as medicine or a mobile phone.
  • Emotional support animals are exempt from this policy since they do not have specific task training related to disability. If you have an emotional support animal, you should discuss accommodations with management.

How we support service animals:

  • Accommodate individuals with special needs and their service animals.
  • Do not add security deposits or pet fees — service animals are not pets.
  • Guests may be asked whether the service animal is required because of a disability or ask about specific functions the animal performs.
  • Service animals are generally exceptionally trained; therefore, property damage is never expected. In the rare event, the damage is caused, a property owner or manager can retain the appropriate compensation from a guest’s deposit.

We understand that Service animals serve critical functions for those who depend on them.  Therefore, we welcome them and the people who rely on them — because everyone deserves a great vacation.

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