Yadkin Valley Wineries

North Carolina Mountain vacations are far from uneventful. Whether you plan to do nothing or everything, a getaway in our region promises to be one you won’t forget. Many of our guests enjoy the distinguished Yadkin Valley wineries and NC breweries nearby. In fact, sometimes, these are what attract people to our area in the first place. It doesn’t matter if you sought out Leatherwood Mountains first and then decided to explore Yadkin Valley wine tours, or if you pursued wine tours that led you to us – either way, you’ll find that our resort and local vineyards go together like cheese and crackers.

For those who appreciate a little history with their fermented grapes, North Carolina led the country’s wine production in 1835 with the first commercial winery, MEDOC Vineyard. More than a century later, North Carolina shows a promising future for the grape industry. Today, North Carolina ranks 10th nationally in grape production and 12th in wine production. Click here to catch a glimpse of North Carolina’s wine country.

We, at Leatherwood, are excited about North Carolina wine and would love to customize your personal tour and offer tips for your excursion and overall NC Mountain Vacation experience. Featuring an array of rentals, we delight in serving as a launch pad for our guests. It’s more than okay to simply retreat to our accommodations and stay in for the remainder of your trip (it’s easy to forget that); but it’s also rewarding to get out and see all that our area affords. Leatherwood Mountains gives you a charming place to rest and rejuvenate in between your outings. Come and go as you please, spending your valuable time the way you want. If that happens to be by tasting as many whites and reds as possible, you can trust that Yadkin Valley won’t come up dry.

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