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Leatherwood-2410Good News! 2015 was the best year of the real estate market at Leatherwood Mountains since 2007, and the Buyer interest is continuing.  Leatherwood Homes and Land Sales, LLC has sold six homes and nine lots over the last 15 months.  In addition to the properties that we have sold, we also have good activity on building in Leatherwood as well.  Leatherwood currently has 4 homes under construction, and has had 3 homes completed in the last two years.


   Our marketing program is simple, unique and effective.  We advertise Leatherwood Mountains as a Vacation or Event Destination to get people to Leatherwood, and when they come, we offer our facilities and activities to assure they enjoy their experience.  We are currently booking events and weddings well into 2017. For more information, please visit our website,  www.leatherwoodmountains.com


   It is no secret that we make these efforts and incur the related expenses to help accomplish the primary goal of selling the homes and lots of our listing clients.  We realize that, primarily due to our location at the entrances to Leatherwood Mountains, our business practices and performance necessarily impact the reputation and success of our community.    We appreciate your  continued support as we market your property, and I invite your suggestions as we continue to strive to make Leatherwood Mountains one of the best places on earth.

Trevor Whitson

336 973-5028

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