Have the Ultimate Horse Riding Vacation in the NC Mountains

Have the Ultimate Horse Riding Vacation in the NC Mountains

Leatherwood Mountains Resort is a top equestrian community in the USA tucked within the North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains. We are one of the best North Carolina mountain resorts offering rental income programs, cabin rentals, horse riding lessons, and guided trail riding. We also host year-round events with well-known horse experts and trainers with some prominent names, including Tom Seay, Steve Edwards, Julie Goodnight, and Chris Cox. A horse riding vacation at Leatherwoods Mountains Resort is like stepping into an equestrian wonderland, where the enchanting beauty of the NC Blue Ridge Mountains meets the freedom of the open range. Discover the beauty of a horse riding vacation with us!

5 Exciting Things to Do During Your Horse Riding Vacation

  1. Horse Riding Stables & Boarding: Leatherwood Mountains Resort provides an excellent equine boarding facility for you and your horses to enjoy during your horse riding vacation. We treat boarded horses like family. Stable guests can access a riding arena, round pen, and sand paddocks. The Barn includes a community tack room, restrooms, a shower, and an indoor wash pit with hot and cold water. An outdoor wash area with hitching rails is also available for your convenience.
  2. Horse Riding Trail Rides: Your horse riding vacation at Leatherwood Mountains Resort will take you on a relaxing ride through scenic trails, allowing you to enjoy nature’s beauty without feeling rushed. Our friendly Wranglers provide personalized attention and instruction to all riders. We have gentle horses and mules are perfect for beginners to enjoy a safe, supervised horseback ride and explore Leatherwood’s pristine trails.
  3. Horse Riding Lessons: If you want to improve your horse riding skills or gain confidence around horses, Leatherwood Mountains Resort is here to help during your vacation. Our lessons take place in the show arena or under the covered pavilion, rain or shine. We also provide advanced training sessions that can be scheduled by appointment only.
  4. Premier Horse Riding Trails: Leatherwood Mountains Resort offers over 75 miles of stunning trails for horseback riding enthusiasts. Enjoy horse riding adventures through the woods, creek crossings, and varying uphill/downhill climbs. All the trails are secure, properly marked, and we have interactive maps for easy navigation. If you have young children aged two or above, or if you are a nervous adult, we now offer lead-line rides. A skilled handler will provide a safe one-on-one ride on a gentle horse in a controlled setting.
  5. Horse Riding Summer Camps: Kids of all ages and horse riding abilities will have a blast at the Leatherwood Mountains Resort Summer Camps. They will learn important horse care skills, such as grooming, nutrition, proper handling, and more. There will also be trail lessons, horse riding lessons, tubing, and more fun for an unforgettable summer vacation!

Enjoy a slice of equestrian paradise at Leatherwood Mountains Resort!

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