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Established in 1985, Leatherwood Mountain’s sales history is tried and true. We are 96% SOLD OUT of the 300+ tracts that are currently included in Leatherwood Mountains. Of our initial offering of 190 tracts, 100% of those are sold. In 1985, our developer fulfilled a life-long dream of developing a quality community for mountain and/or horse lovers and has always owned property as a regular “home and property owner”, not just as a developer. Sometimes developers have only a financial interest in their work, and that may be understandable; but Leatherwood Mountains truly reflects the intricate care with which it was shaped through the years by someone who sincerely cared about how it developed and matured. That care is evident in every aspect of Leatherwood Mountains. Thank you Dick Johnston!

Leatherwood Homes & Land Sales, LLC Is the only real estate company that lists and sells only real estate located in Leatherwood Mountains, unlike the typical real estate company who deals with properties located over broad geographic areas. We are confident we know every aspect of this community and development. We can immediately answer any question a future buyer may have about the property and development specs, history of the community, amenities available, high-country activities and the future of Leatherwood. Additionally, we are so familiar with our extended neighborhood; we can even refer you to a great seamstress, upholsterer or custom handmade furniture woodworker – all less than a mile away. We believe our focus on only Leatherwood is a huge benefit for both buyers and sellers.

Established in 1985, Leatherwood offers the amenities others are only promising. Property owners and guests at Leatherwood Mountains enjoy a free membership to the Equine Center & Restaurant, tennis courts, a swimming pool, two large fishing ponds and miles and miles of wooded and scenic hiking and horseback riding trails.

A new Home Maintenance Program is now offered to Leatherwood homeowners through Leatherwood Rentals, Inc. This program has been an integral part of our rental home service for years, and now, by popular demand, we are offering it to all homeowners. We provide resources to take care of most any general maintenance in and around the home, such as monitoring the temperature settings, replacing light bulbs and checking for damages after a storm. Most importantly, this service also includes regularly scheduled, routine inspections of the home while the owner is away, ensuring all is well, or if not, hopefully intervening before a small problem becomes a large one. For additional fees (agreed upon in advance), we can handle larger projects such as, but not limited to, landscaping and revitalizing weather battered decks. We can also recommend sub-contractors to accomplish larger, more complicated endeavors. This peace of mind for the homeowner is a valuable asset to owning a 2nd home.

Leatherwood Mountains has views that rival any in the NC High Country. Conscientious development has created a protected natural environment to enjoy for generations to come. Our listings boast unspoiled streams and beautiful forested wilderness. Elk Creek has the designation of “Outstanding Resource Water.” This designation causes tighter standards for erosion control and less dense development on lands that drain into Elk Creek (which is 97% of Leatherwood property). Our home and land listings are situated on large generous tracts that range from 1.25+ acres. Underground utilities and restrictions on tree removal and the placement of all structures benefit the entire gated community. Large areas of green space and pristine forests are laced with a comprehensive 75+ mile deeded and maintained horseback riding and hiking trail system.

Leatherwood Mountains was designed to have a low impact on the woodlands and forests. We are not the typical “development”. When traveling through our paved road system, one wonders where the more than 120 existing houses are located. While our homes are placed to maximize the view, minimizing the visual effect on neighbors and visitors is also paramount. All construction/remodeling must be approved and we strive to remove minimal vegetation, preserving the beautiful mountains close to their original state. Leatherwood Mountains contains almost 2,500 acres with approximately 300 tracts from 1 acre to 30. Later this year, we will open 500 acres and release for sale approximately 50 new tracts. For 23 years, our developer has ensured that Leatherwood would grow and mature under a specific plan keeping it close to Nature’s original design – and that assurance continues. Room to breathe the crisp mountain air abounds in this painstakingly designed slice of paradise.

Located at the base of the mountain, our remote controlled security gate is monitored 24 hours a day with video surveillance. The staff at the Welcome Center, located just outside the gate, also monitors traffic daily during business hours.

Now is the time to invest in North Carolina mountain property. Statistics prove the growing popularity of Leatherwood Mountains as well as our High Country neighbors, Boone, Blowing Rock, Linville, and Banner Elk. Leatherwood offers amazing investment opportunities for NC High Country real estate as most of our tracts are larger than those found at other developments with panoramic views, established amenities and a history of 23 years of conscientious management and development.

Another strong financial advantage to buying Leatherwood property is our rental program, available to homeowners, providing the opportunity to generate income on their investments. Formed in 1995, Leatherwood Rentals, Inc. is an established and successful rental company. Our customers enjoy the peace of mind working with Leatherwood Rentals provides. When working with Leatherwood Rentals you get first rate on-site maintenance service, a live person you can call about your home seven days a week, and someone to watch over your investment year round while it generates extra income for you.
Don’t forget tax benefits that may apply to owning a rental home.

Leatherwood Rentals, Inc. is a top-notch vacation rental company with 12 years experience helping people discover the attraction of Leatherwood Mountains. The NC High Country is a hot spot for today’s travelers, and Leatherwood Mountains has become a favorite destination. By working with Leatherwood Rentals to market your vacation home, you have the opportunity to earn a substantial amount of supplemental income. Ask our rental homeowners and they will tell you the monthly income received from Leatherwood Rentals is a welcome asset to owning a 2nd home. And don’t forget you may enjoy tax benefits of owning a rental home (ask you tax advisor about the specific advantages that may be applicable). Our management team, service personnel and thousands of guests (returning and new) have pushed Leatherwood Rentals into the limelight in 2007. We fully expect 2008 to take us further than ever before.

Our customers enjoy the peace of mind working with Leatherwood Rentals provides. When working with Leatherwood Rentals you get first rate maintenance service, a live person you can call about your home seven days a week, and someone to watch over your investment year round while it generates extra income for you.

It doesn’t take long for our guests to fall in love with Leatherwood Mountains. We strive to make sure your home is ready to serve their every need as soon as they arrive and throughout their visit. Our level of customer service goes over and above the norm to accent the precious memories that a Leatherwood experience provides.

Learn more about our rental program by going to Rental Income or Lodging and Cabins on the Leatherwood Mountains website.

Every Leatherwood property owner and rental guests of Leatherwood Rentals, Inc. is granted a free membership to the Equine Center & Restaurant. The equestrian experience at Leatherwood is one of the best you will find anywhere. Year round riding, events and un-parallel services are a horse lovers dream come true. Leatherwood Rentals, Inc. guests and your family members have access to all the equine facilities and restaurant.

Leatherwood Mountains is a horse lovers’ dream come true. Many of our tracts of land are well suited for a barn and pasture, as well as for your mountain home. Several houses currently for sale at Leatherwood, either already have horse facilities, or are situated on tracts large enough to add them. For those who choose a smaller tract, their horses may be boarded at Leatherwood’s stables, with trailheads nearby. Our first class stable facility offers year-round full service boarding, or pasture boarding and a top lesson and training program. We are fortunate to be able to offer year round riding and events. Our guided trail ride service is designed to cater to individuals who do not own their own horses. Both seasoned and novice riders will enjoy amazing views as you wind throughout pristine forests laced with a comprehensive 75+ mile deeded & maintained trail system. Our trail system winds throughout Leatherwood Mountains, enabling access to trails only a short distance from almost any home or the central barns area. Leatherwood truly is an equine paradise!

Leatherwood Mountains is perfect for a getaway, but of the 120 property owners who have built homes, 26 families just could not leave. Add to those full-timers, numerous 2nd homeowners that come to Leatherwood very frequently (some almost every weekend) and you can see we have a large community of neighbors. This very active group of full-time residents and 2nd home owners enjoy Leatherwood’s numerous amenities and various group activities such as group bicycle rides on the Virginia Creeper Trail, concerts in Boone & Wilkesboro, plays at the Barter Theater in Abingdon, VA, dinners out together, softball & volleyball games, covered dish dinners, canoeing trips, holiday celebrations and parades. Our community provides an instant network of wonderful people and access to a strong POA (Property Owners’ Association) that has covenants designed to protect you and your investment. Organized activities and a family environment fill the needs of each generation.

Leatherwood is proud of our eight volunteer firefighters and the new fire station in Darby (a substation of the Ferguson Fire Department). Our volunteers worked tirelessly training and then canvassing for approval and construction of the substation, located just one mile from the main entrance to Leatherwood Mountains. Lower homeowner’s insurance is a welcomed by-product of their efforts, as well as the vitally important emergency response in the event of fire, illness or accident. We are truly grateful to our volunteers’ diligent efforts in bringing about an even safer community in which to live or visit.

Leatherwood Mountains is a short drive to the prestigious NC High Country towns of Boone, Blowing Rock, Banner Elk, and Linville. In addition to the activities provided at Leatherwood Mountains, our surrounding towns provide year round cultural and out door activities and festivals. We have access to fantastic dining, shopping and famous family attractions that will keep everyone of all ages entertained.

We are the only company privileged to offer newly release lots in the subsequent areas of Leatherwood Mountains as they are developed. We are confident we know every aspect of the community and development. We can immediately answer any question a buyer may have about the property and development specs, history of the community, amenities available, and the future of Leatherwood. Our sales agents have been getting to know and love Leatherwood’s beautiful terrain personally since 1991 when they became property owners. They are currently full-time residents. So, later this year when Leatherwood opens 500 additional acres and releases for sale approximately 50 new tracts, you should feel confident in the knowledge that you are working with those who truly know the product they are selling.

Leatherwood Mountains is perfectly located so as to pleasantly experience all four seasons without having to endure extreme conditions. We do have snow – just not as often as the Boone/Blowing Rock area, so we are more mobile. When our paved roads have ice or snow, our POA arranges for them to be treated and/or scraped very quickly. Residents and guests are able to participate in year round outdoor adventures and activities. Click here for more details.

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