Happy Trails Bundt Cakes- A Leatherwood Exclusive!

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Introducing Happy Trails Bundt Cakes! A Leatherwood Exclusive- It all started with the making of a birthday cake for a friend .... Bundt Style. I love sweets but I wanted the cake to have the healthiest of ingredients to minimize the “guilt factor”. And I wanted the flavors to be an EXPERIENCE to savor. After a lot of flour flying and experiments in the kitchen and tasters waiting to sample the creations... here we are today offering you Happy Trails Bundt Cakes for your sweet tooth. And yes, Mamacita Margarita is a real Tequila infused Bundt for adults only. Ride carefully. The kids can delight in Chocolate Raspberry Bliss or Banana Banana and adults can indulge as well. We have the best Bundts around! Happy Trails ya all!

Category : Community
By Abbie
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